Although the news that lockdown easing is being postponed has been disappointing, we have certainly had some of the lovely, warm, sunny weather we were hoping for to cheer us up. It’s been absolutely glorious!

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Our club of the month this month is Newark Canoe Club. Find out about all the brilliant activities they offer on the picturesque Thurlby Lake near Witham St Hughs.

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Almost 100 personalised hearts have been bought in the first week of a Hospice Hearts project run by Beaumond House Hospice Care.

The project started on Friday to launch a new £100,000 fundraising campaign,  Keep Our Hospice in Your Heart.

The aim is to plant 1,000 handmade hearts in the hospice garden featuring the first name of a loved one.

They will be made by local potter Karen Chesney who will place them in the garden to create a spectacular display.

Supporters will be invited along to see their heart once the installation is in underway. The hearts will remain in the garden until the autumn when they can be collected to keep.

Joy Mills, who late husband Maurice Cable was one of the founders of the hospice, put the first heart in place on Friday.

The second was placed by Angela Perrett in memory of her mum Brenda Needham who was a much-loved patient at the hospice.

The third one was put in place in memory of John Oldham, a former director and long-term supporter of Beaumond House.

One of the hearts was bought by James West, a supporter of Beaumond House in memory of his late Mother, Marie.

“My Mum passed away at home as she wished, and this was made possible by the wonderful Hospice at Home team. Beaumond House were an amazing support to the whole family and we’ll never forget that”. Said James.

“Each heart will be crafted with care and brought together to form the installation,” said Karen.

“The more we can make, the greater the impact will be.”

Volunteer co-ordinator Lucy Millard said it was wonderful that so many people have already said they want to be part of the project.

“We are so grateful to everybody who is making this happen,” she said.

More details about how to reserve a heart can be found on

Did you know 

More calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year. …

Mother’s Day is the third most popular holiday in the world, behind only Christmas and Easter.

Carnations are very popular flowers for Mother’s Day and are thought to be made from the tears of Jesus’ mother (Mary) when she wept at his feet the day He was crucified.

Studies and research now show that giving a bouquet of flowers has many positive health and psychological benefits.

Ancient Egyptians believed cats were sacred animals and revered ‘Bast’ as the mother of all cats on Earth.

The oldest woman to deliver a baby was recorded on April 9, 2003. Her name is, Satyabhama Mahapatra, and is a 65-year-old retired schoolteacher in India. She gave birth to a baby boy, which was her first child after 50 years of marriage. However, the eggs were donated by her 26 year-old niece.

So go on, treasure your mum, you only have 1 !