Terms & Conditions

  1. Payment of adverts booked MUST be made prior to publication. In the event that we do not receive payment by the stated deadline Bedslife reserves the right to cancel your booking.
  2. Any complaints regarding your advertising should be made in writing within 7 days of publication.
  3. Any discounts offered on series bookings will be revoked on early cancellation and a new invoice will be raised for the outstanding amount.
  4. Cancellation of advertisements MUST be made in writing by the copy deadline. If artwork is not received by the copy deadline and no cancellation has been made, an invoice will be raised for 50% of the rate.
  5. The advertiser is responsible for requesting a proof and checking/approving artwork.
  6. We reserve the right to increase advertising rates at any time.
  7. Existing advertisers must supply any new artwork, without application, by the copy deadline stated on your booking confirmation. If none is received, we reserve the right to repeat the last advertisement used.
  8. There will be a small charge if artwork design is required.