Why should a business advertise?

Most businesses are always looking for new customers.

whyadvertiseThis leads business owners to think about how to attract them.  On top of the main focus in running your business, which is to deliver paid for work, you may find yourself becoming a bookkeeper, an admin manager, a PA, a salesman and even the cleaner! Inevitably there comes a time when you need to attract new customers and how can you do that?  Either you need to tell people that you are here and ready for them, or you need customers to tell each other about you. Most businesses survive successfully by achieving a little of both.

So how do you go about finding those new customers through advertising?  How can you make an advert that works?  After all you specialise in your own business, not in graphic design!
That’s where we step in.  Our business is helping you to grow your business. It’s not about selling you big flashy adverts; we are passionate about finding media solutions for your business.  And we want you to recommend us to other businesses too.  We prefer regular clients that are very happy with both long & short-term media plans.

boostSalesUltimately if we make your advertising work for you, then you will be a happy and satisfied customer, of ours for a long time.

Our prices are affordable for everyone – we can have a professionally designed advert in print from just £28 a month and we take monthly payments for our regular clients to help with cash flow.
Unlike newspapers, which rely on being bought, community magazines and directories are a very popular way of reaching a targeted audience directly in their home. People like receiving the magazines & do keep them until the next issue is delivered. To put it another way we have a long use by date!

This makes advertising in Use Locally the most reliable and most cost effective way to get business in this area.
In other words – It works!

Join the other thriving businesses in your area, who currently advertise with us, we have a 95% rebooking rate, with our clients, they are getting business from the magazine each month. You can too!

To discuss what we can do to help you grow your business, either call on 01529 469526, or email us on karol@uselocally.co.uk  and we will call you back as soon as we can.

Businesses grow when you Use Locally!